Whey Protein
5STAR WHEY PROTEIN blend of Whey protein and isolate whey protein will help your body recover faster and stronger from any workout.

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Fired-Up Pre Workout
Need a boost without a crash? 5STAR 4MULA FIRED-UP pre-workout is a “4MULA” that will help you constantly push throughout a high intensity workout. FIRED-UP pre-workout will get you to finish your workout without feeling any tinkles or even crashing. 

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Vitamin D3
This high-quality softgel will help prevent a vitamin D3 deficiency while contributing to the maintenance of good health. Promotes calcium absorption Helps to develop and maintain bones.

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Creation Creatine
Creatine is one of the most well known supplements, making it extremely safe to consume.  The CREAtion complex includes 4 different types of creatine therefore maximising performance and recovery. The creatines are the following: Monohydrate creatine, HCL creatine, Pyruvate creatine, and Magnesium chelate creatine.

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5star4mula is a Canadian company created by hardworking athletes. With the primary purpose of consuming high quality and trustworthy supplements,
a partnership is established with resource companies to create unique formulas. 5star4mula is constantly working on new formulas to improve health and performance.

  • High quality raw materials
  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • NPN for all products
  • Excellent tasting flavors
  • No aftertaste or dry mouth
  • Made in Canada