Crossfit has totally transformed my body and life in more ways then one. I have 2 children under the age of 3. I continued Crossfit during my pregnancy with my 2nd and got right back at it 7 weeks post partum ( she was emergency c-section). My energy level and immunity with having 2 crazy children is phenomenal. My body bounced back from a emergency c-section very quickly, because of Crossfit. I am 25 pounds under my pre pregnancy weight and the strongest I've ever been in my life.

Another major accomplishment that I achieved because of Crossfit was completing Tough Mudder this past summer. I strive to be a great example of how Crossfit combined with paleolithic nutrition can completely transform someones life!!

-Joanna Langstaff


Rod has really helped me develop my game into what it is today. CrossFit has helped me with my first three steps, my strength in the corners and all around stamina. I recommend CrossFit to athletes or to anyone that just wants to get into great shape. I look forward to training with Rod summers to come.

- Seth Griffith of the London Knights and Boston Bruins

Stats while Training with Rod:
- Signed 3 year entry level contract with the Boston Bruins
- Multiple time OHL player of the week.
- 2011-2012 OHL most improved player of the year by leagues Coaches.
- 2012-2013, 2011-2012 OHL Championships.
- Selected by the Boston Bruins in the 2012 NHL Draft.
- 2011 and 2012 selected for Team OHL
- 2012-2013 Regular Season 54 games, 33 goals, 48 assist, 81 points
- 2011-2012 Regular Season 68 games, 45 goals, 40 assist, 85 points
- 2010- 2011 Regular Season 68 games, 22 goals, 40 assist, 62 point


I've been training with Rod for five months now and I've been noticing a lot of positive changes in my health. I also have came a long way in my strength training and my WOD's.
I've lost 30lbs and 27 inches in five months. The workouts are always fun and never the same.
I recently participated in tough mudder and I know I would not have made it if it had not been for all the training I've been doing with Rod and all the great people I've met being there.

Thanks CrossFit Wallaceburg

- Bob Kay


In the spring of 2012 I realized I needed to make a change in my life style. Yes, Rod had talked to me about how unhealthy I was. He told me when I ate bad things, which was all the time. Then he told me I would not live to see my granddaughters through high school . That was a tap under the chin. I never forgot that. I love my two little girls so much. So in March I started to loose weight . I started to lift some weights in our basement. I was scared to train with Rod. I didn't know he could take it easy on a really fat guy. Finally in May I signed up for one on one. After a few WO I told Rod that I had really wasted time. What I mean is, I had tried to do my own little work outs at home. I never had the results at home that I did going to Rod. I felt so intensely exhausted when I left Rod. Two days later you could still feel the results of the workout. I cannot believe how I felt. It was so good to feel muscles that I forgot I had. Rod was good to me too. I thought he would ram me though the workouts. He did not. He explained things very well to me and the reasons why I should be using the proper form to lift different weights. He really tried to keep me from getting hurt. I really appreciate that. I am going to share a few personal facts with you now.
Pant size was 40 and tight. Pant size is now 34.
Weight was 280 lbs. Weight is now 220.
Inches lost are well over 12.
Slept with a machine in March. Sleep without a machine now.
Was a very noisy sleeper - snoring. Sleep quietly now.
Could not walk around a house - out of breath. Now I can run and feel great.
Was on prescription drugs for heartburn. Now no drugs for heartburn.
Had pains all the time in my rib cage. Now, No pain in my rib cage.
Could not bend over to tie my shoes . Now I can touch my toes to knuckles.
Hated to get on the floor to play. Now I Love to get on the floor.
Never rode my bike in years. Now I ride my bike every chance I get.

I'm sure I am forgetting some of the great things that Rod has helped me with in my personal life. I am so thankful that I listened to him. I feel so much better. I have so much more energy. I feel younger too. It is a great feeling. I will always train with Rod to keep this healthy body going. I am not at my goal yet. So this drives me on. Rod has also helped me big time on my diet. To really think what I put in my mouth. This has helped a lot. I do watch where I eat and what I eat. Rod has helped me in many ways. I will continue to use his services. Thanks Rod.

- George Langstaff


Working with Rod has impacted my game on the ice as a goalie. I've gained a ton of endurance and strength, giving me hard, powerful movements around my crease. It has helped me get mentally prepared before practices and games. Rod is always pushing me to my full potential for the best results possible. I'm looking forward to continuing CrossFit with Rod, as well as expanding to his yoga classes in the near future.

- Brendan Johnston

Stats while Training with Rod:
- Drafted in the 2013 OHL Draft to Windsor Spitfires.
- 2013 Alliance All-Star Game



I noticed a difference in my game the first time I stepped on the ice after doing CrossFit this summer with Rod. My stride is more explosive and I play bigger now than before. I am tougher in the corners and I can't be pushed off the puck as easily. Working out has developed my arms so I have a harder shot and am a threat when I manage to hit the net.

I know everytime I show up for a session I am going to work hard and be challenged. I also know that Rod will never have me do the same workout twice, it is always tough and a surprise. Thanks to Rod I am a better hockey player and have a stronger commitment to improving my overall fitness. Even though I am back in school and playing hockey 4 days a week I continue to work with Rod once a week. This keeps me on track and helps me to maintain everything I gained in the summer with Rod.

- Alec DeKoning

Stats while Training with Rod:
- MVP for the Lambton Jr. Sting AAA Hockey team


I've been playing hockey for 12 years and I am currently the goalie for the Chatham Outlaws Midget AA Team. I started working out with Rod in August 2012 and have since noticed major changes in my game. I find myself a lot more explosive in my crease movements and my recovery is better than ever because of my leg and core strength. CrossFit workouts require so much focus and determination I have been able to carry that mental strength into my game, also as i feel myself getting stronger i am getting more confident every time i step onto the ice. I enjoy training with Rod because every time you come you don't know what to expect because it is always something different and he encourages you to do your best and to push your limits.

- Sydney Authier


It's tough, it's fun and it works!

CrossFit Wallaceburg has been a great personal experience for me and it completely changed my perspective on fitness. It's a clear departure from your average, routine gym workout. The workouts constantly change, to both avoid boredom and to give you total body fitness. 

CrossFit Wallaceburg maximizes the potential of each person as a result of the strong group energy and outstanding coaching by Rod Langstaff.  Rod makes sure everyone goes as hard as they personally can. Less advanced participants are able to complete the same workouts as the advanced athletes so there isn’t the stress of not being good enough. 

It's challenging, and is all about how far and hard you can push yourself. Rod is well-trained and experienced at designing workouts to accommodate individual fitness levels.
Perhaps most importantly, it's fun and addicting! I'm in better shape at 29, than I was as a highschool athlete and I've never felt better!

- Kyle Lozon


CrossFit has impacted my life in many ways, I was physically active before starting crossfit, however things have changed and I've noticed a lot. I never felt so energized before and never knew I would be able to lift so much, (ex deadlifts). My image has changed, I lost weight but gained muscle, I especially noticed in my legs, I can now fit into jeans no problem have a way smaller size as well. Also my abs have gotten more toned and defined. Before CrossFit I could never do repetitive pull ups, but now I can do a lot. I feel great, plus eating right, I use to do competitive cheerleading and dance for many years, and I noticed my balance had improved a lot and my muscle strength with muscles I thought I never had. I've gotten toned, which is good and what I wanted and what I got in return and still improving on things, weights and times. Overall, CrossFit has changed my active lifestyle in a positive way, and having that need and room for improvement is always a good feeling.

- Megan S

Megan brought home 2nd place from the Spring Cleaning Competition in Chatham.


When I started with Rod almost 2 years ago, my biggest fear was having to run. I have
Never been a runner and knew it would be a big undertaking for me. But with Rod's
Gradual step guidance and perseverance I can now run a kilometer without stopping.
I have one speed, but I get it done! Never ever thought I would run, let alone go that
Also my body feels so much fitter and healthier. I have more energy, more flexibility and
I am toned……the cellulite on my thighs is gone….yesssssss!!!!!

- Bev L


I have always been overweight. At times very overweight. I have tried many diets and workout programs in my 32 years on this planet. Rarely did I see results. I did lose a lot of weight doing the Atkins diet back in 2004, but I didn't keep it off very long and was very close to my heaviest in the summer of 2011. I wasn't happy, didn't have any confidence, and felt like crap all the time. I don't consider myself dumb, but I didn't directly link any of this too my being so out of shape. It seems obvious now, but I needed a big change.

I have had a membership at a gym most of my adult life. I would go for stretches where I hit the gym very regularly, maybe 2-5 times a week for a month or so. I would eventually always fall off for some reason or another. For some reason it was hard for me to string together any consistency.

I met Rod at the Cutting Edge gym in Port Huron in the spring of 2011. He chatted me up, asked me what seemed like random questions about my workouts. What I was doing, what I wanted to achieve, what I ate. At first I just thought he was a weirdo. Then he told me he was a fitness trainer and told me about CrossFit and a little of what it was about. I didn't pay to much attention at first. Being big my whole life, people always have advice for me. I had heard it all before, so it kind of went in one ear and out the other. I had even tried a trainer before and wasn't really into it. I ran into Rod again at the gym a few months later. He remembered me and asked me some more questions about how things were going. I had just recently started getting back into the gym after falling off for a while. He offered his training again along with a few ideas that he thought would be beneficial to me. He seemed to have some good ideas, so I decided to give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen… I couldn't walk for 2 days. Now this was my own fault. I didn't realize how out of shape I was. We only did a few simple exercises to see where I was at. I should also mention Rod was very attentive the whole time watching my breathing, constantly asking how I felt, and really monitoring me. It was tough at first, but Rod gave me good motivation. He's not one of those turds you see barking at people. We always talk about what I eat, what I'm doing on my own, and my goals. He completely customizes the work outs for me, It's not just some random list he got from a book or online. He helped me to eat better, exercise better, and eventually feel better.

As of today I lost 62lbs as well as 37" and I feel great. Rod has been the catalyst I needed. I meet with him a half an hour twice a week. The workouts are tough but dare I say fun, well some of them, burpees where thought up by the devil himself. Every workout is different. Everyday I go in I don't know what to expect. It never gets stale or repetitive. Another thing I thing is great is I can text Rod with questions anytime and he gets back to me, and he doesn't know the answer he finds it. I recommend Rod Langstaff very highly if fitness is your goal.

- Guy Winn


I started focusing on getting back into shape in July of 2006 after my son Jack was born. I had always been in good shape. I was an athlete in High School, track to be specific, and I always made fitness a priority in my life for my entire adulthood up to this point.
After Jack was born I was much disciplined about my personal fitness, I went to the gym at least 5 days a week, focusing on cardio. I was aware of the basic principle of working out, I new I needed to maintain a certain level of muscle mass to continue to burn calories when I wasn't working out, I knew I needed to eat right, and get the proper amount of rest. I made sure to vary my workouts and even sought the advice of my husband who was a Master Fitness Instructor in the U.S. Army.

I was in, what I thought was the best shape I had been in in my life, right before I became pregnant for the fourth time with my daughter Nina. I just met Rod at the time and he began teaching me how to incorporate CrossFit into my workout regiment.

During my pregnancy I continued to do CrossFit, albeit in a modified manner. Rod ensured first: that I was physically able to perform the exercises while pregnant by directing me to seek the blessing of my doctor. This showed proper diligence and a genuine concern for my well-being. Any personal trainer could have easily let me proceed and continued to take my money for sessions with no intention on results or looking out for my well being.

Having gotten the preliminary risk mitigation out of the way, we began the modified CrossFit sessions. We went over goals, in that; I only wanted to gain a healthy 25 pounds during pregnancy. As if having to learn to cater sessions to a pregnant woman weren't enough, Rod also had to adjust to, and be flexible for, my ever-increasing morning sickness and physical changes. The workouts were challenging, yet realistic, and even though I was pregnant Rod never treated it as a handicap. He provided me with plenty of motivation while still being compassionate to my situation. The modifications put in place to accommodate my workouts were creative.

As sure as planned for I had only gained 25 pounds. I was feeling great, my energy level was great, I possessed a lot more stamina than I could ever remember from previous pregnancies, and delivery was even exponentially better because I was stronger, especially in my core.

I continue to do CrossFit with Rod to this day. I began again 4 weeks after delivery. I look forward to seeing the results my sessions with Rod will yield after say…3, 6, 9 Months down the road, a year from now, two years. To think that 11 weeks postpartum I feel stronger and more fit than a year ago is amazing. I realized that these sessions are making me everyday strong, not just a quick physical fix to get thin only.
I would recommend anyone who is interested in improving or maintaining their fitness goals to Rod. He has done an exceptional job and I am very fortunate to have been able to work with him."

- Natalie Bennett



We asked Our Membersfor 3 Reasons Why They Love The Gym:

1. Encouraging
2. Makes Me Feel Amazing
3. I Don't get bored because its a different workout every day


1. The Motivation from all the other members during class
2. The welcoming atmosphere
3. The coaches - making sure you have proper form and pushing you

1. Ballistic Fitness coach and encourage to your strength and ability
2. An hour of laughter, hard work and satisfaction
3. Amazing friendships in and out of the gym


  1. Ballistic Fitness is a family
2. No matter your fitness level, the workouts will benefit you
3. Every workout is a challenge

1. #1 should be the fitness, but for me it's the people
2. I love the workouts and how great I feel mentally and physically after
3. The class times are great for my whole family's schedule


  1. Ballistic Fitness has amazing, caring coaches and members
2. Welcoming atmosphere for anyone and everyone
3. Workouts that are geared to all levels of fitness

1. The programming is amazing and it is different every day and every week, so lots of variety
2. The coaches and the members are there for you when you need that extra push and encouragment
3. If a person has weight to lose or muscle to gain this is the gym that will make it happen. I have come a long way since joining and I love it



1. Ballistic Fitness literally saved my life
2. It's not a gym, it's a family and our coaches take care of us, as well as we take care of each other
3. The programming helps us become mentally and physically stronger. It's set to always challenge our abilities.


1. The coaches are totally hot!
2. The members are totally hot!
3. The workouts are totally hot!

  1. Great place to co-op
2. Great facility to workout
3. Knowledgable, supportive staff

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